Managing travel and logistics for a film production can be a daunting task. It requires being connected with the hospitality and the travel industry and being extremely organized by using a workflow that can scale to include all levels of production crew sizes and budget ranges.

Usually this is often handled by the production unit, but if the same is handled by an industry expert it can add a lot of creativity just like you do for every movie and hence can save you a lot of time, effort and money.

Taking the cue from managing the project with creativity and strongly believing that time means money where costs and budgets play the most pivotal role when you decide to shoot on a location away from home. Here is where when our role starts……

As specialists in the hospitality and travel industry, we at Destino offer you a refreshing one-stop-shop concept, as an end to end hospitality and logistics solution provider. We come in as hospitality and travel consultant and we then take away all the painful challenges which your production coordinator faces every time for every film.

This is how we do it for you…#8230;.

Right from identifying suitable shoot locations, to managing recess, liaising travel arrangements, intra destination logistics , assisting you with the tax rebates [in certain countries] to managing the comfort of your cast and crew on site, we do it all with great ease and lots of fun.

We make your work easy by taking over, controlling, monitoring the three major costs which concerns every production house- the travel, logistics and accommodation.

With our rock solid relationships within the hospitality and travel industry, we not only source leading rates but also recommend the best hotels within your budget and negotiate rates and contracts which are favourable for your production house.

Our highly experienced team not only has a very strong insight, knowledge and experience to handle crew movements for the entertainment and the film industry but also have handled ground logistics in the utmost professional and transparent manner. We are very well versed with the complex and demanding schedules INVOLVED IN EVERY SHOOT and also the attention that needs to be given to VIP’s and their support staff.

Give us a shot!! To experience a hassle free and relaxed shoot schedule, allow us to take on the responsibility of hospitality and logistics, whilst you are busy creating a wonderful piece of entertainment for the mass.

What we offer our Production houses


Venue Finders & Management


Hospitality Management


Travel & Logistics Management


Destination Specialists


Food & Beverage Management


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